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District 21, Summerside - Wilmot

Honourable Janice A. Sherry

Janice Sherry was first elected to the Legislative Assembly in the provincial general election of 2007 in District 21, Summerside-Wilmot, and was re-elected in 2011.

Ms. Sherry was appointed Government Whip in 2007.   She served as a member of the Standing Committees on Public Accounts; Privileges, Rules and Private Bills, and Community Affairs and Economic Development. Her additional responsibilities included chair of the Standing Committee on Social Development, which has responsibility for the Human Rights Commission on Prince Edward Island.

In January 2010, Ms. Sherry was appointed Minister of Community Services, Seniors and Labour.  In October 2011, she was appointed Minister of Environment, Energy and Forestry.  In November 2011, the department was restructured as the Department of Environment, Labour and Justice.

She is a lifetime resident of Summerside and has worked in the fields of finance, real estate and mental health. She has also operated small businesses in her hometown. She has represented her home province at an International Parliamentarian Conference in Ottawa and has undertaken courses in French as a second language.

Ms. Sherry is a dedicated volunteer who has given much of her time to raising awareness of mental health issues and has participated in fundraising initiatives with the Canadian Cancer Society; the Canadian Diabetes Association; the United Way; Notre Dame Place, a program with the Canadian Mental Health Association; and Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

She has actively supported local arts programs through her involvement with community theatre, and was a cast member in the popular CBC television show, Emily of New Moon, as well as the mainstage musical production of Gabriel and Evangeline.

Janice Sherry resides in Summerside with her husband Steven. They have two daughters, Meagan and Jennifer and a son, Lucas.

Janice Sherry
(902) 368-6410

The Liberal Team at Work...

The Liberal Team has worked to strengthen our economy and provide quality education and healthcare to all Islanders. I am proud to be part of the Liberal team that:

  • CONSTRUCTED 44 additional seniors units in Summerside and a new manor
  • DEVELOPED Saunders Place which provides affordable housing for persons with disabilities
  • INVESTED in the new Dialysis Unit at the PCH



District 21 Executive

President: Greg Campbell - 436-2327

Vice President:  Eric Ferrish
Your MLA: Janice Sherry