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Dear Islanders,

The Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island has always firmly believed that good government starts with listening to the voice of the people. In the course of the recent Leadership Campaign, I traveled more than 10,000 kilometres around the province to talk with Islanders from every walk of life.

I heard that Prince Edward Islanders are proud of our province. That we have a special sense of place and community, that we are resilient and resourceful. Islanders know that we have challenges, the two greatest of which are economic growth and demographic change. Those are two dominant themes as we look to the future: people and prosperity. A third theme is open government and citizen engagement. Islanders are interested in politics. We lead the country, by long strides, in voter participation. We must build on that, and strive to do even better.

Islanders understand and value leadership. They want leadership that is positive and optimistic. Leadership that is strong, experienced and resourceful. Islanders value and take special pride in our heritage, our landscape and our natural environment. They understand the critical importance of education and health.

My goverment will act on what we have heard. Our priorities will be People, Prosperity, and Engagement. These priorities will be reflected in the actions and initiatives of my Liberal government, and we will engage Prince Edward Islanders as we strive for our province to be the best that we can possibly be.

Premier Wade MacLauchlan


A $300,000 project to upgrade the dialysis unit at the Souris Hospital is expected to be complete mid-March, says Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie.'Construction of the new dialysis unit is coming along well and remains on schedule and on budget,' said Minister Currie. 'The unit will be equipped with state-of-the-art water filtration units that meet today's strict requirements. The modern and spacious unit will offer patients more privacy,...
The Prince Edward Island government is increasing its assistance to the Bedford MacDonald House for its work to provide shelter for men who are experiencing short-term homelessness. The provincial government will provide the Salvation Army, which operates the Bedford MacDonald House, with an additional $25,000 to fully meet the home's operational needs. 'The Bedford MacDonald House offers shelter and provides critical support for people who need...
Feb 24, 2015
Below is a list of upcoming Liberal Nominations and List of Nominated Candidates
Feb 23, 2015

Prof. Donald Savoie, who has known MacLauchlan for about 20 years, said recently he expects Canada’s newest premier to make an impact among his national peers. 


Feb 20, 2015

SUMMERSIDE – Summerside lawyer Jonathan Greenan is seeking the Liberal nomination in District 22, Summerside-St. Eleanors.


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