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Sep 28, 2011

Liberal Policy Platform

Over the past four years, the Government have I had the privilege to lead has achieved a great deal. In the midst of economic downturn, Prince Edward Island held it's own - and moved forward. Economically, we have been exceptionally resilient. In difficult times, this is a source of great pride.

Socially, we have also moved forward. Our Government introduced full-day kindergarten to the public school stem and has successfully encouraged a growing number of Islanders to attend post-secondary institutions.

Also of note is the fact that we now have a record number of physicians serving on the Island and we’ve made major strides in enhancing our health care facilities across the province. But there is more to be done. Our plans moving forward reflect Liberal confidence in the Island and our belief in a unified, constructive and deliberate approach to Government.

This document provides information on the complete Liberal Party Policy Platform for theupcoming election. In addition to details of the new investments, initiatives and programs we plan to implement, the document outlines the costs associated with these measures. As you will see, we are not only able to continue the work we have already started during our first term in office, we are able to accomplish this while continuing to hold the line on taxes.

I am proud of what our team has already accomplished. Moving forward, I believe we can do even more.

View the Liberal Party Policy Platform.

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